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MBBR Carriers

Well as ensure the engineering quality of wastewater biological treatment system.

The technical theory of MBBR is that when putting carriers with specific geometric shapes in the aeration tank of the wastewater/sewage biological treatment system, the carriers’ high specific surface areas will allow microorganisms to attach, grow and form a biofilm. Besides, with an appropriate size and density, the carriers can suspend evenly in the water without causing any clogging. Through the aeration of the reaction tank or other agitation methods, the carries can suspend evenly in the water and significantly increase the treatment loading of the wastewater reaction tank (MBBR reaction tank only needs 1/4 or even less than 1/10 of the volume of the activated sludge process under the same wastewater loading).

Currently, MBBR is one of the most space-saving wastewater biological treatment technologies in the world. Its advantages include:

  • 1. For newly-constructed wastewater treatment factories, choosing MBBR can save space and tank costs.
  • 2. For existing wastewater treatment factories, upgrading to MBBR can increase the organic loading of the wastewater treatment system without paying high engineering costs.
  • 3. For the biological treatment systems with a poor ammonia-nitrogen treatment effect, adding carriers in the aeration tank can effectively improve the effect of ammonia-nitrogen treatment.
  • 4. MBBR system is easy to operate, and the sedimentation tank requires no sludge backflow to achieve a good treatment effect.
MBBR is a very practical technology; however, there are too many carriers on the market with all kinds of specifications. Mismatching or false product specifications will cause errors in the calculation of system functions, which will eventually lead to results that cannot be undone or reversed, such as excessive system load, poor effluent water quality, and failure in the engineering acceptance. Therefore, in addition to carriers with excellent performance, SBEF also provides clients with real specific surface area figures of carriers, helping clients obtain more satisfactory results that match the functional calculations, as well as ensure the engineering quality of wastewater biological treatment system.


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SBEF currently owns two invention patents for MBBR, one is for MBBR carriers, and the other one is for the MBBR application in recirculating aquaculture.Welcome to cooperate with us.

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