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MBBR Technical Advantages

MBBR is a very practical technology


  • 1. It takes only 4 to 30 working days to upgrade from the activated sludge process to the MBBR processing system, and the process is divided into three steps: i. Replace the aeration system of the aeration tank. ii. Add an effluent media retention sieve to the outlet of the aeration tank. iii. Put in MBBR carriers.
  • 2. Since the volumetric BOD loading of MBBR’s reaction tank is 1.7 to 5 times more than activated sludge process, it can significantly reduce the required volume of the biological treatment reaction tank. 
  • 3. In the demands of low contaminants concentration and high water flow (ex: river water treatment, recirculating aquaculture system), MBBR is the most cost- effective and space- saving option among all the biological treatment processes. 
  • 4. During the low organic loading operation, MBBR can achieve low sludge yield without having sludge bulking.
  • 5. The biofilm system is more resistant to the influent fluctuations and inhibitory substances in the water and thus it has a more stable outflow water quality. 
  • 6. The system is easy to operate and control. It is friendly to operators by saving time and effort on sludge management. 
  • 7. In the A/O process, the aerobic autotrophic nitrifying bacteria can be continuously attached to the MBBR carriers in the aerobic tank and their activity will not be affected by the aerobic/ anoxic environmental changes in the A/O cycle. 

Well as ensure the engineering quality of wastewater biological treatment system.

MBBR is a very practical technology; however, there are too many carriers on the market with all kinds of specifications. Mismatching or false product specifications will cause errors in the calculation of system functions, which will eventually lead to results that cannot be undone or reversed, such as excessive system load, poor effluent water quality, and failure in the engineering acceptance. Therefore, in addition to carriers with excellent performance, SBEF also provides clients with real specific surface area figures of carries, helping clients obtain more satisfactory results that match the functional calculations, as well as ensure the engineering quality of wastewater biological treatment system.

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SBEF currently owns two invention patents for MBBR, one is for MBBR carriers, and the other one is for the MBBR application in recirculating aquaculture.Welcome to cooperate with us.

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