Wastewater Treatment System

We have extensive experience in the design planning and construction regarding organic, ammonia nitrogen, sawing and grinding, fluorine, arsenic, and heavy metal wastewater.


MBBR Carriers

SBEF also provides clients with real specific surface area figures of carries, helping clients obtain more satisfactory results that match the functional calculations, as well as ensure the engineering quality of wastewater biological treatment system.



SBEF is more than willing to share years of experience and expertise in water treatment, hoping to achieve better communication and trust, as well as to create a win-win situation by reducing the information asymmetry between professional teams and customers.

Welcome to Cooperate With Us

SBEF currently owns two invention patents for MBBR, one is for MBBR carriers, and the other one is for the MBBR application in recirculating aquaculture.Welcome to cooperate with us.

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